Episode 4 – Janet Balaskas – Founder of the active birth movement

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Brenda Mata er gjesteprogramleiar for dette avsnittet av Uten Filter, og intervjuet vil gå føre på engelsk. 


Its been a while since women in general felt really connected and confident about giving birth. Today it seems like all the women who gave birth in their own home or in nature, were just crazy.

Since the intervention of the modern medicine, women have learned that birth is a complicated process that they do not have to affront alone, but in a hospital with a variety of possible interventions. Interventions that somehow have made women feel more secure, but also less in control of our their feelings and connection with their bodies. Disconnected from something that women have gone through as long as human kind – how to give birth.

Today, there is more and more research about the repercussions of different drugs and interventions, and how they affect the baby and the interaction between mother and child.

Guest of this week’s episode is Janet Balaskas. She is a midwife, writer and the founder of the «Active Birth» movement where the woman is encouraged to move freely during birth, and to follow her intuition and to trust that she is capable of giving birth.

An active birth, is a birth where the woman is completely liberated from the hospital bed where she has to lay down over her back, with legs up and push. Instead, she is active and flowing with the birth process.

Also writer of the book «Preparing for birth with yoga» Janet teach different techniques to make the birth a more enjoyable and wise experience. Throughout her career, she has been trying to remove the fear around the birth experience. With very good results she has founded the Active Birth center in London, UK.
They have different courses and disciplines to follow and feel supported during pregnancy and after.

Listen to this very interesting interview, where you will learn more about the different aspects around birth, where you will learn about the major differences of giving birth in a hospital with drugs in stead of having a natural birth.

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